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Red Stick in the morning

Stunning panoramic photography captures Baton Rouge skyline just before sunrise The best photo opportunities seldom allow for late wake-up calls. I set the alarm for 4 a.m. to get across the Mississippi River to set up for a sunrise shot of the Baton Rouge skyline, and about 30 minutes before the sun broke the horizon […]

Baton Rouge Louisiana skyline photography

How I captured this image

Manual camera setting, flash made morning fishing image a magazine winner I’m always looking for the opportunity to capture an image in a new way — especially after more than 20 years of shooting people holding fish. So I work to find better angles and add interesting elements into a scene. When I hoped aboard […]

Blue LSU — Baton Rouge law enforcement benefit sales

Profits from Blue Tiger Stadium print sales through Sept. 30 to be donated to Baton Rouge Area Foundation’s First Responders Fund July 17 turned tragic when a gunman opened fire on Baton Rouge law enforcement officers, killing three and wounding three. Blue lights were turned on around the region in a mass show of support […]

Baton Rouge police fund

Photoshop upgrade select and mask tool

Another great Photoshop upgrade: Easier select and mask tool

New Adobe Photoshop select and mask tool makes masking a breeze The latest Photoshop CC upgrade includes some really amazing updates, and the new select-and-mask function is one that photographers and graphic designers will find very useful. Now, with the click of a button, masking is easier than ever. Just watch this video to see how […]

Top 5 reasons to rent lenses and cameras

Camera equipment rental offers real advantages I had never considered renting a camera lens, but I recently dropped my Nikon 80-400mm and damaged the barrel. While the impact didn’t seem all that serious — it was in the protective case — the focus and zoom capabilities were shot. So I sent it off to Nikon […]

Rent camera lenses

landscape sunrise photography

An amazing Atchafalaya Basin sunrise

Early morning trip results in beautiful Atchafalaya Basin sunrise photograph I recently set the alarm clock at 3:45 a.m. so I could be set up to capture a gorgeous Atchafalaya Basin sunrise. I was pulling away from the boat launch as sunlight was just trickling over the horizon, and was in place just off on a […]

How to delete rejected images in Lightroom

Quickly delete rejected photos in Lightroom to save storage space Digital photos take up more and more storage space, so it’s important to manage your files carefully. And Lightroom makes that easy — if you know the steps. Watch this short video to learn how to flag images as rejected and then delete them from […]

Photoshop update: Content-aware straightening tool

New Photoshop CC update allows straightening images without cropping The latest Photoshop update has solved one of the big problems with the straightening tool, making it easy to keep your horizons straight without cropping out large portions of your photography. And it just takes one extra click to enable content-aware straightening. While previous Lightroom and Photoshop updates […]

Cyber Monday special sales

How to straighten a digital photograph

Use Lightroom CC or Photoshop CC to quickly straighten any image There’s nothing that will ruin otherwise beautiful landscape photography more than crooked horizons. I mean, the horizon is supposed to be, well, horizontal. But it’s very difficult to ensure in-camera that this critical piece of the photography pie is served up correctly. Fortunately, Lightroom CC […]