About the photographer

Andy Crawford Photography

Andy Crawford has spent more than 20 years honing his photography skills

I have spent the past 20 years working in the outdoor industry, with thousands of articles and photographs published in magazines around the country. While I continue to work in that industry, my work has expanded to include fine art HDR, landscape, urban and architectural photography, and lifestyle images.

I take advantage of every opportunity to capture images from other parts of the country during my travels, but I have a special focus on producing Louisiana fine art photography from places like New Orleans, the many small towns across the coast and the swamps of coastal Louisiana.

Much of the my photographic skills are self taught, but I also owe much to other photographers who have taken the time to work with me and teach me new techniques. Houston photographers David Morefield and Tim Stanley, along with many members of Fine Art America, have been so free with advice and encouragement.-SanAntonio2015-288

Portrait work also is a growing part of my portfolio. I specialize in on-location photo sessions from my base in Prairieville, La., and my goal is always to allow the character of my subjects to show through my images.

I invite you to browse my fine art galleries and portrait galleries.