Houston photography reunion

Trip provides fellowship, chance to capture Houston photography

In the spring of 2014, I met three Houston, Texas, photographers in New Orleans only 80 miles from my home. The photographers — David Morefield, Tim Stanley and Jeremy Mancuso — wanted to capture some images of the Big Easy, and I was excited to meet them and learn new techniques. It was a great time, and the resulting images were amazing.

Houston skyline photography

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Over the weekend, the group we have dubbed the Four Amigos reunited — this time across the Texas border — and the team showed me around so I could capture some Houston images for my Texas Photography gallery. I arrived at David’s house at about 8 p.m., and we headed out an hour or so later. It was a great time.

The first stop was on a foot bridge spanning Buffalo Bayou just to the west of downtown Houston, which provided the opportunity to shoot images of the lighted-up skyscrapers and their reflections. We all spread out on the bridge, each taking slightly different angles.

We then moved on, making a short run (well, it should have been short, but for a wrong turn) to capture images closer to the business district that included a swath of the Interstate.

The evening — or, more accurately, the morning — ended at Katz’s Deli and Catering at 1 a.m. (hey, the restaurant’s motto is “Katz’s Never Closes,” and it lived up to that) sharing a lot of laughs and eating some great food. Well, three of us ate great food, while David (who is almost halfway through a 60-day all-liquid diet) watched.

Smith Street Skywalk

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On my way out the next afternoon, I made a quick run through the downtown area and captured a couple of images of the Smith Street Circle skywalk and Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

I was back home in Louisiana by 6 p.m. the following day, but the Amigos already are trying to come up with a road trip for more photography fun. The trip, while definitely tiring, reminded me how much fun it is to work with other photographers.

I’m already looking forward to the next time the Four Amigos ride again.

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