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How to sync Lightroom folders

What to do when photos disappear in Adobe Lightroom folders [embedyt][/embedyt] Adobe Lightroom is an amazing tool, but sometimes images seem to disappear from the folders in a catalog. So what is a photographer to do? Learning how to sync the Lightroom folder so all of the images reappear is easy. Just follow these […]

Photoshop update: Content-aware straightening tool

New Photoshop CC update allows straightening images without cropping The latest Photoshop update has solved one of the big problems with the straightening tool, making it easy to keep your horizons straight without cropping out large portions of your photography. And it just takes one extra click to enable content-aware straightening. While previous Lightroom and Photoshop updates […]

How to straighten a digital photograph

Use Lightroom CC or Photoshop CC to quickly straighten any image There’s nothing that will ruin otherwise beautiful landscape photography more than crooked horizons. I mean, the horizon is supposed to be, well, horizontal. But it’s very difficult to ensure in-camera that this critical piece of the photography pie is served up correctly. Fortunately, Lightroom CC […]

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How to nail down exposure

Lightroom’s ‘Basic’ console offers several exposure tools, After importing and sorting images from a shoot, the first step in processing any image is adjusting the basic settings. And the sliders in the “Basic” panel located along the right side of the screen make it so easy. First, make any exposure adjustments needed with the exposure […]