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Making friends and capturing amazing photography

Louisiana swamp photography adventure pays off I received an email in early February from some guy named Tom Hamilton who introduced himself as a Virginia photographer and asked if I could help him find a photography guide into the Louisiana swamp during his first visit to the state. Now, I had never heard of Tom, […]

Andy Crawford Photography commercial photography

Latest job: Photo for new website blog

Bayou scene offers perfect backdrop for Global Compliance Solutions Group blog image A new Prairieville, La., company that helps clients navigate various aspects of corporate compliance contacted me about a week ago for some help generating an image for its blog page. While there were royalty free images available, Global Compliance Solutions Group owner Jonathan […]

Nikon D810 put to the test

New Nikon D810 surpasses expectations After more than a year of saving money from the sale of my fine-art prints and portrait sessions, I clicked the button to purchase a new camera body — the newly released Nikon D810, a full-frame camera that came with promises of better metering and all-around higher performance than my […]

Baton Rouge Louisiana photography

What is the rule of thirds

Rule of thirds – the key to better photography

Get the most out of photography composition with the rule of thirds Many people simply point their cameras and shoot. And every now and then they capture pretty nice photos. Most times the efforts fail, and the resulting images lack any real focus or impact. Capturing truly memorable images requires more planning. That means paying […]

Shoot into the sun for better portraits

Break this rule to capture more-intriguing portraits The photography rule is hammered into young photographers: Always shoot with the sun to your back so the light is hitting the subject. But the fact is that breaking that rule is the first step to capturing incredible images — especially when shooting portraits. And with modern digital […]

Top portrait photography tips

Smith Street Circle Skywalk - Houston, Texas

Houston photography reunion

Trip provides fellowship, chance to capture Houston photography In the spring of 2014, I met three Houston, Texas, photographers in New Orleans only 80 miles from my home. The photographers — David Morefield, Tim Stanley and Jeremy Mancuso — wanted to capture some images of the Big Easy, and I was excited to meet them […]

Top 10 photography tips for beginners

The 10 things every budding photographer should know I can remember looking at photography and wondering how in the world the photographer pulled it off. I drooled at the images, and was convinced that it was all about their expensive camera bodies. Later, I learned that those camera bodies were so much less important than […]

Louisiana swamp photography

New Orleans HDR photography-Cafe du Monde

How to create HDR photography

Use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS to create captivating HDR photography By Andy Crawford Have you ever wondered how photographers create such beautiful nighttime images? No, it’s not magic. And, no, it’s not because they own cameras that cost as much as your first-born child. The key to creating HDR (high dynamic range) images like the […]

The beauty of rust and age

Oxidation adds great color, texture to fine-art photography Beauty is subjective. When it comes to fine-art photography, some people like shiny and new. Others don’t mind a little age. And then there are those of us who like old, rusty and broken-down. I just don’t think you can go wrong with a little rust. An […]

Rusty fine-art photography

Bayou Teche NWR photography

5 keys to landscape photography

Create fine art prints with landscape photography By Andy Crawford 1. Use a wide-angle lens Wide-angle lenses allow photographers to capture images that illustrate nature’s expanse, while the lenses’ inherit depth of field means pretty much everything will be in sharp focus. These lenses also have a tendency to add some distortion at the edges […]