HDR photography

The best sunset photo I’ve ever taken

South Dakota prairie provides perfect sunset photo I love to capture a sunset photo almost as much as I love to shoot a sunrise. So when I looked out the door of Steffen’s Outdoor Expeditions’ lodge and saw beautiful layered clouds forming above Lake Oahe as the sun raced to the western horizon, I knew […]

Ascension Parish news app 3 Crosses by Andy Crawford Photography

Ascension Parish News app features Bethany Crosses photography

Nighttime photo of three crosses at Bethany Church used with news app Ascension Parish News is one of the fastest-growing sources of news for the parish on Facebook, and now the service offers an app for your mobile device to make it even easier to stay updated no matter where you are. And the app features […]

New Orleans HDR photography-Cafe du Monde

How to create HDR photography

Use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS to create captivating HDR photography By Andy Crawford Have you ever wondered how photographers create such beautiful nighttime images? No, it’s not magic. And, no, it’s not because they own cameras that cost as much as your first-born child. The key to creating HDR (high dynamic range) images like the […]