Lightroom how-to

Everything you wanted to know about Lightroom, Photoshop and digital photography

Lightroom is the foundation for creating incredible digital photography. It provides the ability to do all the basic editing of images, including exposure adjustments, and highlight and shadow manipulation — but it’s so much more powerful than that.

And when teamed with Photoshop and other editing plugins like on1 and Nik Color Efex Pro, Lightroom can elevate your images to truly professional levels.

Join me as I discuss how to use the wonderful Lightroom CC features that can be used to pump up your digital photography and create images that will wow your viewers.

How to nail down exposure

Lightroom’s ‘Basic’ console offers several exposure tools, After importing and sorting images from a shoot, the first step in processing any image is adjusting the basic settings. And the sliders in the “Basic” panel located along the right side of the screen make it so easy. First, make any exposure adjustments needed with the exposure […]