Photography how to

How I captured this image

Manual camera setting, flash made morning fishing image a magazine winner I’m always looking for the opportunity to capture an image in a new way — especially after more than 20 years of shooting people holding fish. So I work to find better angles and add interesting elements into a scene. When I hoped aboard […]

What is the rule of thirds

Rule of thirds – the key to better photography

Get the most out of photography composition with the rule of thirds Many people simply point their cameras and shoot. And every now and then they capture pretty nice photos. Most times the efforts fail, and the resulting images lack any real focus or impact. Capturing truly memorable images requires more planning. That means paying […]

Top 10 photography tips for beginners

The 10 things every budding photographer should know I can remember looking at photography and wondering how in the world the photographer pulled it off. I drooled at the images, and was convinced that it was all about their expensive camera bodies. Later, I learned that those camera bodies were so much less important than […]

Louisiana swamp photography