Top 10 photography tips for beginners

The 10 things every budding photographer should know I can remember looking at photography and wondering how in the world the photographer pulled it off. I drooled at the images, and was convinced that it was all about their expensive camera bodies. Later, I learned that those camera bodies were so much less important than […]

Louisiana swamp photography

5 keys to landscape photography

Create fine art prints with landscape photography By Andy Crawford 1. Use a wide-angle lens Wide-angle lenses allow photographers to capture images that illustrate nature’s expanse, while the lenses’ inherit depth of field means pretty much everything will be in sharp focus. These lenses also have a tendency to add some distortion at the edges […]

Bayou Teche NWR photography

Natural light portraiture by Andy Crawford

Natural light can produce fantastic portraits

I learned portraiture for a basic reason: To save money when my daughter needed senior portraits. Now I spend many weekends meeting families and high school seniors capturing memories, and I love it. But I’ll admit that I developed a near-complete dependence on flashes to light the subjects. To be fair, this dependence extends years […]

A glimpse at the magic of fine art photography

I am often asked how great images are produced. Well, usually I just smile and jokingly credit my greatness as a photographer. But the fact is that being able to see images in your mind and being able to actually transfer that vision to the final print and turn the vision into fine art photography […]

Fine Art Photography - Andy Crawford

Portraits by Andy Crawford Photography

Tips for great children’s portraits

I’ve written hundreds of articles in the past 25 years, and the hardest ones to put together were those in which I had to interview children. Most of those youngsters were either shy to the point of being maddeningly mum or so chatty that keeping them on task was impossible. I always got the story […]