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Bayou scene offers perfect backdrop for Global Compliance Solutions Group blog image

Andy Crawford Photography commercial photography

This is the full image that is being used on the blog page for Global Compliance Solutions Group.

A new Prairieville, La., company that helps clients navigate various aspects of corporate compliance contacted me about a week ago for some help generating an image for its blog page. While there were royalty free images available, Global Compliance Solutions Group owner Jonathan Mellard said he wanted a custom photo with a distinctly Louisiana flair.

Commercial photography by Andy Crawford Photograph

The image is also used as the header image on the GCSG blog page.

GCSG helps clients navigate import, export and customs compliance, environmental, health and safety, anti-bribery/anticorruption (ABAC), drug precursor (DEA) and distilled spirits plant (TTB) compliance.

The company is using a blog to offer expert opinions on compliance management systems, audits, due diligence, regulatory developments and other compliance-related information, and Mellard said he wanted to the image on the page to have an outdoors feel.

So I grabbed my laptop, a notebook, a coffee cup and thermos of hot coffee, and a stylish pen, and headed to a local river with all my camera gear. I set up an old table on a pier and began composing frames to include the water and part of a nearby cypress tree.

I shot various compositions, and Mellard settled on one that really looks great and adds a different look than would have been possible with a standard royalty free image.

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