Kirsten Malone’s video reveal party

Kirsten Malone is a 15-year-old singer who recorded “Bring me back to life” in an Ascension Parish sound studio recently.

15-year-old singer releases ‘Bring me back to life’ video

Kirsten Malone is 15. She’s a Dutchtown High School 10th-grader. She’s already written 50 songs — and on Aug. 1, she released a video of her “Bring me back to life.”

The video, produced in partnership with Ascension Parish News, was released during a reveal party for friends and family, and released to public on Facebook where views quickly surpassed 10,000.

I first heard Malone’s singing voice when she stopped by my studio for headshots. Ascension Parish News’ Chad Blouin dropped in and, while I edited a photo, he played the video. I stopped what I was doing when I heard the voice I coming out of his phone. It was astounding: a full, rich voice that belied the young singer’s age.

The video was shot at an Ascension Parish sound studio, and Blouin said he discovered Malone’s vocal chops when she responded to an appeal for locals to sing the national anthem.

Be sure and watch the video — and then share it out to create as much social media buzz as possible about this talented young lady.

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