Louisiana State Capitol and Pentagon Barracks

The Louisiana State Capitol, the tallest captiol building in the United States, stretches skyward behind the historic Pentagon Barracks.

The Pentagon Barracks began in 1779 as a dirt fort built by the British, and the site went on to serve as a military outpost for the British, the Spanish, the French, the United States and the Confederate States of America.

The buildings were erected in 1825, and after the Civil War the site was turned over to Louisiana State University. LSU moved to its present location south of Downtown Baton Rouge in the late 1920s, and the Pentagon Barracks today serve as the offices of the Louisiana lieutenant governor and as apartments for legislators.

The State Capitol stands 450 feet, and is one of only four skyscraper capitols in the United States. Construction began on Dec. 16, 1930, and the building was dedicated on May 16, 1932.