Corporate, commercial and architectural photography

Tell your company’s story

You only make one first impression, so it’s critical to evoke the proper emotions when presenting your company to potential clients. And there’s no better way to set the proper tone than with eye-grabbing photography that keeps your audience engaged.

So let photos tell the story of your company by introducing your team, presenting your products and illustrating the services you offer. Here are some of the options provided at Andy Crawford Photography.

Team photos

Corporate photo sessions-Andy Crawford Photography

Capture that perfect image to connect with your customers with custom corporate photography sessions.

The foundation of your company is your staff, so it’s important to show clients a proper team dynamic that will be leveraged to accomplish their goals. Design your team photos in a setting to show customers how serious you are about delivering quality service. Incorporate these photos into your website and advertising campaigns to show your company’s professional approach to business.

Executive portraits

professional head shots

Professional executive portraits are excellent ways to introduce your staff to potential clients.

Executive portraits have various uses in your company’s marketing. They can be used in online and printed promotional material with bios stressing the expertise of your team members, and they are essential when sending out announcements about new hires, promotions and professional accomplishments.

Head shots also can be used with social media profiles to present a professional impression to potential clients and allow your staff members to represent the company in just the right light.

Click here to see learn more about professional executive portraits and see samples.

Product images

Andy Crawford Photography commercial photography

This photo of an Arbogast Hula Popper in mid-air was taken by Andy Crawford Photography deep within the Atchafalaya Basin.

If you sell products, it’s critical that potential customers immediately connect and want what you’re offering. Written descriptions are important, but it’s photography that stops the online browser to look more closely.

So ensure your products stand out from the crowded marketplace by presenting them in eye-catching ways. Proper lighting and composition show the details of your products, allowing the images to be effective drivers online and when used in printed advertising.

Capture beautiful images of your products in my studio, or schedule a session at  your business or at locations that create a sense of connection with your specific audiences.

But don’t stop with studio images. Show off your images in real-world environments. We can design a photo shoot that will illustrate how your product can be used to draw in potential clients. See one example here.

Service photos

Professional interior design real estate photography

Professional interior design photography shows new clients the services your provide.

Show clients the processes behind the services you offer. If your business is designing homes or selling real estate, stage and capture compelling images that hold customers’ attention. If you own an auto repair business, let potential customers see your team at work in the shop. A bakery could provide a glimpse into the kitchen.

It’s all about creating a connection with your clients, and professional photography is an investment in making a first impression that lasts.

Tobin Center for the Performing Arts photography

This nighttime photograph of San Antonio’s Tobin Center for the Performing Arts is featured on Front Inc.’s website as an example of the facade consulting firm’s work.

Architectural photography

Whether you own an architectural firm, a commercial building company or a corporate real estate business, quality photography is a must for successfully marketing your work.

Professional architectural photography shows off the features of buildings that will impress potential clients and generate more business. Add these images to your portfolios and websites — or enter them into contests. Click here to see samples of interior photography.

Office fine-art

Louisiana swamp sunrise photography

Create a welcoming atmosphere when clients walk in the door by decorating your public areas and offices with professional photography.

Create a welcoming feeling as soon as customers walk in the door with custom fine-art by Andy Crawford Photography. You can choose from hundreds of prints ranging from Louisiana swamp scenes to city scenes to black-and-white photographs — and much more

These amazing photographs can be printed on fine-art paper for custom framing, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints and acrylic to generate just the feel you need to create a professional atmosphere that will impress your clients. Decorate the public areas and private offices — and bulk pricing is available.

Browse through the options in my fine-art gallery and then reach out to learn how you can add personality to your corporate office.