How to use Augmented Reality preview on my fine-art gallery


New live preview allows prints to be seen on your walls

Buying fine-art prints from my online gallery just became easier with the introduction of Augmented Reality live preview, which allows you to see my prints displayed on your walls using mobile devices.

Augmented Reality live preview takes all the guesswork out of purchasing prints. Instead of hoping you order the correct size for the available wall space, now you can pick the photo you would like printed and click the “Live Preview AR” button to see the print displayed on your wall right from your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

And you can add frames and mats to ensure the overall sizing is correct. It really is the future of online print purchasing.

Here are the steps to take when using Augmented Reality live preview:

  1. Log onto my online gallery and choose the print you would like to purchase.
  2.  Choose the print type (i.e., fuji pearl print paper, canvas gallery wrap, metal print, etc.)
  3. Select a size you think will fit the available wall space.
  4. Select the style and framing to your preferences.
  5. Scroll down and click “Live Preview AR”
  6. Follow the instructions to allow the software to access your device’s camera.
  7. Stand 10 feet away from the wall on which you want to project the print.
  8. Point you device at the wall and drag the print into the desired wall position.

That’s it. You can add frames and mats, and see everything live. You can even change sizes in the Live Preview AR window to ensure you choose the best print size for the available space.

Still have questions? Watch the attached video for a visual tutorial.

virtual augmented reality preview

My new, improved fine-art photography gallery features Live Preview AR that allows you to see prints on your own walls.

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Andy Crawford has been a photographer and writer for more than 20 years, with thousands of images and articles published in magazines and newspapers around the country. He now focuses on Louisiana photography, landscapes, HDR photography, urban prints and other fine art photography. He also is a portrait photographer.