St. Mary’s Basilica – Natchez, MS

Beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica one of Natchez’s jewels

St. Mary's Basilica photography

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Two weeks ago my wife and I spent the night in Natchez, and as usual I was scouting for photo subjects. My wife — lovely and patient as she is — hates when I start setting up my tripod, so as we walked through the historic old city that evening after gorging ourselves at Pearl Street Pasta I simply looked and assessed. And when we got to the beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica I stopped and tried to figure out if I could get a great exterior shot given the narrow street it faces.

“I don’t think I can get far enough away to get everything in the frame,” I told my wife, who just nodded and acted like she really cared. “Even my wide-angle lens wouldn’t be enough.”

How wrong I was. I was passing through the old town this week, and drove around as the sun set. When I passed the old church, I couldn’t help but get out and try anyway. I locked on my Tokina 12-24mm lens, set it at 12 mm and put the camera on my tripod. Setting up on the far edge of the street resulted in a stunning view — and there was still just enough light leaking over horizon to turn the sky a brilliant blue.

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