The ultimate Lightroom CC cheatsheet

Learn important Lightroom CC shortcuts to up your productivity

If you’re like me, you hate using the mouse to find for the various functions of a piece of software. I mean, why hunt through all those drop-down menus when you can click a couple of keys?

And, thanks to,  this Lightroom CC cheatsheet has everything you will possibly need to quickly change from one tool to the next, move through the various panels and pretty much make you a Lightroom beast.

Just scroll through the cheatsheet to see all the keystrokes that can save you time. I’m still learning new ways to trim time off my photography editing workflow.

Download the complete 2017 Lightroom CC cheatsheet below

Want to download this cheatsheet? No problem: Just CLICK HERE to open the PDF and save it to your computer.

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If you haven’t already downloaded the FREE Photoshop cheatsheet, just CLICK HERE to save it to your computer.

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