2018 Pradco catalog features amazing casting photography

Andy Crawford Photography commercial photography

This photo of an Arbogast Hula Popper in mid-air was taken by Andy Crawford Photography deep within the Atchafalaya Basin.

Andy Crawford Photography’s commercial photos used on cover, interior pages of fishing lure catalog

I’ve been working with Pradco for about a year now, with the assignment to capture images that excite people about the sport of fishing. That means getting out on the water — and often in the water — to find cool angles that show anglers with fish, casting lures, tying lures and pretty much anything else involving the sport. The effort has paid off, with one of my photos being chosen as the cover of the lure manufacturer’s 2018 catalog.

Andy Crawford Photography product photos

The 2018 Pradco product catalog features several images taken by Andy Crawford Photography. This photo of a Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow being casted to a marsh shoreline was used inside the catalog.

Pradco owns a slew of fishing lure companies, including Arbogast, Heddon, Rebel, Bomber, Bandit, Booyah, Norman, Yum, Creek Chub and Smithwick. The cover image of the 2018 catalog was taken in the sprawling Atchafalaya Basin, and it shows an Arbogast Hula Popper in mid air as it’s being casted to a group of cypress knees by young Prairieville, La., angler John White.

This image showing Louisiana’s Damein Clements lipping a bass was one of several of my images used in the 2018 Pradco catalog.

That’s not the only Andy Crawford Photography image used in the catalog, however. Three other images taken throughout the year were picked to illustrate the company’s fishing lures in action. Two photos — one of of the Arbogast Buzz Plug and another of a Jointed Wake Minnow— spread across two pages. The Jointed Wake Minnow photo is another casting image, freezing the lure in mid air as Denham Springs, La., angler Darren Cooper casts it to a marsh shoreline in Pointe-aux-Chenes along the beautiful Louisiana coast.

A fourth image was taken at Louisiana Lake Fausse Pointe. In it, Abbeville, La., tournament angler Damein Clements hoists a nice bass out of the water. A Bomber Badonk-a-donk dangles from the fish’s mouth.

These are only a few of the images taken as part of my work with Pradco. I make regular forays onto the water to capture images, so stay tuned for more on how they are being used.

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