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This panorama shows a slice of downtown New Orleans plus the historic buildings of Jax Brewer, the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral.

Facebook fan page reaches 1,000 members, save 50% off all fine-art prints

By Andy Crawford

My Facebook fan page has reached the 1,000-fan mark, and that means it’s time to celebrate with a 50%-off sale on all fine-art prints in my gallery.

Just go to my gallery, choose the prints, gallery wraps, metal prints, greeting cards, etc., you like and send them to your shopping cart.

Upon checkout, enter the coupon code VASVGV, and half of my artist’s commission will be removed from the total. There is no minimum purchased required. This sale extends until July 12, so don’t procrastinate!

How much will you save? Glad you asked. Here’s an example:

If you purchase an 10-inch-by-6.63-inch print of my “St. Louis Cathedral in the Morning” photograph, the sale price is $44.70 (plus shipping) for a total savings of $27.50. A 20×13.25 print of the same image normally selling for $101.40 is now only $72.85 plus shipping – a $37.50 discount!

Free wine for Andy Crawford Photography fine art prints

Buy anything from my gallery during July 2014 and get $100 toward free wine.

But there’s more to the sale: All purchases made during July 2014 will include a $100 gift coupon to, thanks to a partnership between Fine Art America and Naked Wine. No minimum purchases apply!

Depending on your purchase, it’s like getting the print for free once you add in the $100 gift coupon!

NOTE: The discount is only on my commission. All printing and framing fees will remain as retail prices.

New Orleans blues photography

Street performers like this trumpet player are common on the streets of French Quarter, playing New Orleans blues for tips.

So I invite you to browse my galleries, and take advantage of this incredible offer. But remember, the sale ends July 12!

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About Andy Crawford

Andy Crawford has been a photographer and writer for more than 20 years, with thousands of images and articles published in magazines and newspapers around the country. He now focuses on Louisiana photography, landscapes, HDR photography, urban prints and other fine art photography. He also is a portrait photographer.