A promise kept

Wedding engagement portraits include fulfillment of three-year promise

We all make promises we intend to keep when we’re young. Often, those promises are forgotten as real life takes over. But one young couple made a promise three years ago that they fulfilled when they became engaged to marry this month.

Wedding engamgement portraits

This young couple promised three years ago to wait while the young man served as a U.S. Marine, and this month they fulfilled that promise by becoming engaged to be married.

The promise sounded simple: I will wait.

Keeping that promise was a little more difficult for this couple (who asked that their names not be used in this blog) because of one simple fact: When the promise was made, the young man was leaving for boot camp to become a U.S. Marine, and he has been stationed overseas for most of the past three years.

But they recorded their promise with a photo of the young lady holding a sign making the promise public.

U.S. Marine Corps wedding engagement portraits

The lid of a young member of the U.S. Marine Corps, his dog tags and his fiance’s ring served as great props during their wedding engagement photo session.

And this month I got to recreate that photo while taking their wedding engagement portraits using a sign telling the world their three-year-old promise had not been forgotten.

We gathered early one morning at the French Settlement Rural Life Museum, where the original image was taken, and set up several different settings with the sign. The soon-to-be husband was decked out in his official Marine blues, while his fiance was wearing a bright-red dress that communicated her support for her military man.

The image the couple chose was a slight alteration from the original (in which only the young lady held the sign), but having both of them holding the sign communicated the promise was one they both kept.

Wedding engagement photos

A quick wardrobe change offered a more-relaxed ending to this engagement portrait session

We completed the Marine-themed shoot at the rural life museum, and then headed off to the Louisiana State Capitol to take more-relaxed images.

Throughout the session the love shared between these two young people could easily be seen as they chatted between setups, and that perception was strengthened the next weekend at their engagement party held in New Orleans.

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