NCIS: New Orleans films episode at New Orleans’ Fort Macomb

CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans uses decaying military outpost as site of latest Navy death

New Orleans’ Fort Macomb is quickly fading into history, with its stonework falling down and its grounds being largely overgrown. And that made it the perfect site for next week’s episode of NCIS: New Orleans, where the cast member will reportedly begin their investigation into the death of a Navy Seal team member.

Fort Macomb is the site of an NCIS: New Orleans episode on CBS.

Fort Macomb is the site of an NCIS: New Orleans episode on CBS.

Fort Macomb was built in the 19th century as part of a network of installations designed to protect the naval approaches to New Orleans. The order for the forts, which includes Fort Pike just to the north of Fort Macomb, came from President James Madison in the wake of the War of 1812, when the British attacked the Big Easy.

Today, most of those forts have either disappeared or are closed to the public (as is Fort Macomb). Fort Pike State Historic Site is the one exception. Visitors to that military outpost can get a taste of how soldiers lived by walking through the tunnels within the thick walls and investigating the bastion that sites in the parade grounds.

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