Old-time religion – Oak Grove Church photography

Church photography records the past of little country congregations

The tiny Oak Grove Church on Turnbull Island, La., once served the isolated farming community before traveling to the regions cities became easier. There once was a time when little churches dotted the landscape of rural America, serving small congregations who did not have easy access to more-populated areas. This Oak Grove Church photography is a reminder of that long-past age.

It was a time when circuit preachers traveled from small town to small town, preaching at different churches each week. A time when dinner of the grounds brought out the full community. A time when the church was the bedrock of that community.

Oak Grove Church on Turnbull Island, La., is now seemingly abandoned. It sits just on the outside of the Atchafalaya River protection levee, surrounded by cotton and soybean fields. The Oak Grove Cemetery remains undisturbed adjacent to the church.

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