Photography now available at Dutchtown Coffee Bar

Landscapes, New Orleans, LSU fine-art photography available for purchase

Andy Crawford Photography Dutchtown Coffee Bar

Stop by the Dutchtown Coffee Bar to see a selection of works by Andy Crawford Photography

UPDATE: My work is no longer available at this location. Please click here to browse my online gallery!

Jason Rivas has worked as a photographer, so when he opened the Dutchtown Coffee Bar he wanted to create a space for local photographers and artists to display their work. I was invited to help fill the walls with beautiful photography, so you can now stop by the coffee shop and browse a selection of my prints while enjoying a cup of joe and a pastry.

Dutchtown Coffee Bar is located at 13375 Highway 73 in Dutchtown, just north of Dutchtown High School.

Included are landscapes captured in the Louisiana swamps, city scenes from the New Orleans French Quarter and Baton Rouge, LSU artwork and more. Canvas gallery wraps and custom-framed prints are available at special pricing. A variety of sizes are included to suit any budget and wall space.

All pieces are available for purchase, so you can stop by for coffee, choose the piece you love and walk out with some beautiful fine-art photography that makes a statement in your home or office.

The Dutchtown Coffee Bar is just a cool place to hang out. In addition to coffee and pastries, you also can purchase smoothies, lattes and eve GoFit meals. And free Wifi makes it the perfect place to meet clients or get out of your office to work in a relaxing environment.

So be sure to stop by and support a local business — and pick up some amazing fine-art photography.

And if you’d like to see a print from my gallery that isn’t on display, please email me with the request.

See all my beautiful prints on my online gallery.

About Andy Crawford

Andy Crawford has been a photographer and writer for more than 20 years, with thousands of images and articles published in magazines and newspapers around the country. He now focuses on Louisiana photography, landscapes, HDR photography, urban prints and other fine art photography. He also is a portrait photographer.