Baton Rouge’s crosses

Massive trio of crosses erected by Bethany World Prayer Center as part of prayer garden

If you’ve driven through Baton Rouge, La., in the past few years you’ve seen them: Three massive crosses standing towering over Interstate 10 near the Siegan Lane exit.

Baton Rouge crosses-Bethany World Prayer Center

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Baton Rouge’s crosses, two of which stand 125 feet tall and one that stretches to 150 feet, were erected by Bethany World Prayer Center on its 10-acre complex. The structures, which are designed to depict the three crosses of Golgotha during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ,  are part of a prayer garden, and include several prayer stations.

The white crosses are lighted, so they glow throughout the night – and a pond reflects the beautiful crosses.

Baton Rouge’s crosses continue to be a beacon of Christian hope in the Capitol City.

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