Swamp life after dark

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louisiana swamp photography light painting nighttime

An American flag waves at the end of a pier of an old camp in North Pass, which connects Lake Maurepas and Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Louisiana’s swamps provide escape from the day-to-day rat race, and generations of families have spent time at small fishing camps across the state’s coast. This camp is located just northwest of New Orleans near Manchac, Louisiana.

I created this beautiful image about 11 p.m. after waiting out a summer storm. A special tripod was required due to the deep water, and I careful painted the camp and its dock with light during a long exposure.

The image, which is available for purchase, is part of a new series of light-painted swamp scenes I am creating. Photographs from across the state’s swamplands will be included in this gallery, so be sure to keep watching the online gallery.

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