Millionaires Row panoramic photography

Panoramic photography shows you can take it when you when you die

New Orleans panoramic photography

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We’ve all heard the old saw: You can’t take it with you when you’re gone. Well, try telling the families who built a row of stunning vaults in New Orleans’ Metairie Cemetery that has become known as Millionaires Row.

This Millionaires Row photography provides a beautiful panoramic view of these beautiful places of eternal rest, which are placed around a circular drive deep within the cemetery. It’s apparent the families that built these incredible vaults were attempting to one-up each other. From tower spires to an Egyptian-style pyramid, the architecture is simply stunning.

New Orleans is known for its above-ground graves; since most of the city is below sea level, it’s hard to keep coffins from resurfacing. Placing loved ones’ remains in vaults was the perfect solution.

And Millionaires Row is located in Metairie Cemetery, which was built on the site of a 19th-century horse-racing track — with the lines of graves placed in concentric paths that from the air reveals the original layout of the track. Millionaire’s Row sits on one end of the race former race track itself.

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