Crosses of Concepcion

Mission Concepcion photography for sale

Mission Concepcion photography

Backing off and using a 400mm telephoto lens allowed me to juxtapose these two crosses, which top Mission Concepcion in San Antonio, Texas.

The missions that make up Texas’ San Antonio Missions National Park are beautiful examples of historical Christian architecture, and this Mission Concepcion photography captures one element — crosses — that each of the old Catholic outposts has in common.

To capture this photograph, I used a Nikon 80-400mm lens set at 400mm and attached to a tripod. I then backed off far enough so each cross was visible. The telephoto lens compressed the distance between the crosses, providing an image with great symmetry.

Mission Concepcion was dedicated in 1775, a year before the American Revolution began. The church was part of a string of outposts set up by Spanish missionaries and funded by the Spanish government as it laid claim to Texas.

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