Morning Star sunrise photography

Beautiful Louisiana sunrise photography available for prints

The Morning Star sunrise photography

This stunning image of a sunrise over the Louisiana marsh makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

This gorgeous sunrise photography captures the essence of why this time of the day is so special. The sun reached the slit in the heavy storm clouds, casting rays of golden light across the Louisiana marsh and creating the perfect opportunity to illustrate nature in all its grandeur.

And prints of this image are for sale below starting at less than $35.

The photograph was captured using an HDR technique, combining two exposures to create a captivating image any nature lover will appreciate. Photographer Andy Crawford created the starburst in-camera by intentionally underexposing the scene and choosing the correct aperture setting.

The image is available in various formats, from fine-art prints to canvas gallery wraps to metal prints. Just click here to see all the options.