Birthday photo shoot turns into a blast

Child’s 1-year-old birthday studio session results in magical images

Birthday boyI’ve been fortunate enough to become the personal photographer for the Sherman family. We’ve been friends for years, and as their family has grown I’ve been recruited to document their journey through life. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when Lauren texted me to ask that I shoot her son Jes to mark his first birthday.

What did surprise me was that she wanted a straight studio shoot. I’ll admit that I don’t do a lot of that kind of work; mostly I’m a location photographer. But Lauren included some sample photos she’d found online, so I set the date and began preparing for what turned out to be one of my favorite sessions to date.

When Lauren, husband Devin and Jes showed up Saturday morning, I was all set. I’ve learned that the key to a successful child’s photo shoot is working fast. So I had used my lovely wife as a subject to preset my exposures and flashes to ensure all we had to do was set up the props and start taking images.

We worked quickly, putting out a birthday cake and balloons and tying a banner on a couple of spare light stands. A continuous white photo background served to set off the props and Jes to give Lauren the look for which she was looking.

Jes quickly went to work on the cake, tearing it apart and stuffing (mostly icing) into his mouth. He smiled, he waved and he looked at us like we were crazy.

We only got about 15 minutes out of the poor boy before he started losing interest in the whole affair, but the images came out wonderfully.

Check out all the finished images below, and email me if you’re interested in a similar shoot. I’d love to become your family’s personal photographer, too.

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