Portrait collages now offered

Senior, sports photos make great collages

It’s often extremely difficult to decide what images to order after a portrait session, so I’ve added collages to my print offerings. Each custom-designed collage features several images combined to capture the essence of the entire session in a single piece of art.

This process works particularly well for sports portraits, but it’s suitable for any portrait session. In-studio photos can even be used.

Custom collages are premium products, due to the time and effort required to produce them.¬†They come in two options: Fine-art prints suitable for framing and canvas gallery wraps produced at the nation’s top print houses.

Collages offer a wonderful way to memorialize your family memories in a way that goes beyond standard prints. So when you are trying to decide what prints to purchase, don’t forget custom collages.

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About Andy Crawford

Andy Crawford has been a photographer and writer for more than 20 years, with thousands of images and articles published in magazines and newspapers around the country. He now focuses on Louisiana photography, landscapes, HDR photography, urban prints and other fine art photography. He also is a portrait photographer.