Soccer team provides fun photo session

Gators team members just want to have fun during photography shoot

I initially shoot team photos of the Gators soccer team in the spring, and was thrilled when I received a call about a second shoot this weekend. When my trusty assistant (aka my wife) and I showed up at the soccer complex, we found an unused soccer goal and set up for the girls.

team photos

The Gators soccer team provided a fun photo session.

It’s always fun shooting children, who can be enthusiastic photo models or completely uninterested in having their images captured. You have to be on your toes and be ready for anything — at times it can be a little like herding cats. Luckily, I’ve had some experience with children’s photography sessions, so I was prepared.

It is nice having shot this team before, because I was somewhat familiar with the photo disposition of each child. Some have to be coaxed to smile. Some have problems with the wind blowing in their eyes. Some are ready to turn on that big smile when the camera went to my eye. And this shoot was on a day when the temperatures were in the 40s with the wind howling.

Once the individual images were captured, we had to corral the girls (who were warming up for the game by running and kicking a couple of balls). The group gathered – giggling like all girls – and came to order only after I promised to take a “silly picture” once we were finished.

Athletic team photography

The girls of Baton Rouge’s Gators soccer team just wanted to have some fun during this photo session.

One thing I have learned with group images is never rely on one photo: I took four or five images of the group because it’s almost guaranteed someone would have their eyes closed.

We closed out with one silly shot, and almost all of the girls got right into the spirit of things – as did one of the parents.

I love these kinds of shoots. Thanks to the Gators for making my Saturday fun.
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