New Orleans

New Orleans blues

French Quarter blues and jazz street performers offer daily music reviews New Orleans in the birthplace of jazz, so it’s not surprising that the city remains a very musical place. Bands play in bars and restaurants throughout the city, which is known for its laissez faire attitude and wild nightlife. However, you don’t have to […]

New Orleans blues photography

Fort Pike New Orleans

A piece of forgotten history – Fort Macomb and Fort Pike

Little-known Louisiana military history I’m a history nut and love learning about how people lived in centuries past. European history, in particular, intrigues me because of the antiquity of the cultures there. American history, on the other hand, has never appealed to me, outside of the military history of the nation. So when I was […]

Group photography session pay off

New Orleans gives up great fine art prints I have a love-hate relationship with the New Orleans French Quarter. On the one hand, I hate the traffic and drunks that pack the city’s famous district. But on the flip side, I love the feel of the Quarter, with it’s centuries-old Spanish architecture and slow pace […]

New Orleans Frency Quarter

Fine Art by Andy Crawford

Are there better places than churches?

Catholic churches offer great photography options I have lived my entire life — with the exception of a few years right out of high school — in church. But I’m Southern Baptist, and the buildings in which we gather aren’t known for being ornate. So I’ve always had a thing for Catholic churches, at least […]