Tintype photos make wonderful retro prints

Create unique memories with tintype prints I just love those old tintype photos found in junk shops. So I decided to create tintypes using portraits taken in the past — and they came out wonderfully. Flip through this short slideshow to see examples. The process can be used with any photo, and no two prints will […]

Natural light portraiture by Andy Crawford

Natural light can produce fantastic portraits

I learned portraiture for a basic reason: To save money when my daughter needed senior portraits. Now I spend many weekends meeting families and high school seniors capturing memories, and I love it. But I’ll admit that I developed a near-complete dependence on flashes to light the subjects. To be fair, this dependence extends years […]

Tips for great children’s portraits

I’ve written hundreds of articles in the past 25 years, and the hardest ones to put together were those in which I had to interview children. Most of those youngsters were either shy to the point of being maddeningly mum or so chatty that keeping them on task was impossible. I always got the story […]

Portraits by Andy Crawford Photography