Why images disappear with Customizr Pro theme

Customizr Pro load-images-on-scroll function can cause glitch

I love Customizr Pro. The theme is clean, flexible, easy to work with and the support is amazing. But I recently found one problem: All images disappear when when the theme is set to load images on scroll.

This functionality, found in the advanced website performance tab in the “Customize” feature of the theme, is designed to speed up a site’s performance by waiting to load images until they are needed; no images “below the fold” will be shown until the user scrolls down. Sounds great. That’s why I checked the little box a few weeks back and waited for a speed-up of my site — only to learn later that my images weren’t loading at all. None of them.

Turning on ‘load images on scroll’ can cause Customizr Pro to stop displaying any images

Why images don't show in Customizr Pro WordPress theme

Using the “load image on scroll” function of Customizr Pro can cause images to not display.

So I sent off a service ticket, and got a prompt response even though it was a Saturday (have I mentioned I love the customer service that comes with this theme?) that informed me it was probably an issue with Jetpack Photon component, which should be turned off. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it turned on in the first place.

The service rep recommended I start disabling plugins to isolate any that were causing conflicts with the theme, so I spent several hours working through my list of plugins. And disabling some of them did have an effect — at least my front-page and summary pages images showed up again. The images on my pages also reappeared. But individual blogs still would not display the images.

So I turned everything back on, and started poking around in the custom settings.

That’s when I remembered turning on the load-on-scroll functionality. I turned that off, and all my images reappeared.

Further correspondence with technical service revealed this issue had been discovered with earlier versions of Customizr Pro, and I was one generation behind the most up-to-date version. The image-display problem apparently has been fixed with Customizr Pro 1.2.10, so it’s definitely worth updating your theme if you aren’t using this version. Initially, the update didn’t alleviate the problem on my site, but it now seems to be working (although I see intermittent instances when my images do not display). I’m still playing with the functionality and might just leave it turned off if the problems persist.

However, even with this issue, I still love Customizr Pro and plan to stick with it.

Here are the steps to disable ‘Load image on scroll’ in Customizr Pro

Why images don't display in Customizr Pro